December 22nd, 2007

Modern browsers allow to unload as much as possible by means of set JS of files a server. But the abundance of mistakes of developers of browsers brings even greater confusion in work of a site. At viewing many decisions in the form of the finished modules and the various libraries actively using AJAX the forms for interaction with the visitor. Frequently it is visible, that number of critical mistakes in browsers simply hugely.

And here recently has come across a site excessively using both standard libraries, and elements of own manufacturing for search under the catalogue of the real estate. With surprise has found out, that it perfectly passes check http: // validator.w3.org/. In this post I shall try to collect optimum decisions for an average site.

Considering employment it can borrow some time. All with Christmas!

Linux File Permission Confusion

October 5th, 2007

| Linux Security: Tips, Tricks, and Hackery |
| Published by Onsight, Inc. |

This issue sponsored by Linuxfest Northwest 2003, Bellingham, WA,
April 26

LFNW is a showcase for what Northwest Linux users are doing with
Linux and open source software. It’s a place for Linux enthusiasts to
get together to share their passion for what good software can do.
This year’s fest will include boatloads of demonstrations, tutorials,
and lectures by gurus such as John “Mad Dog” Hall, Crispin Cowan,
Brian “Krow” Aker, and your very own Linux Security geek, Brian

Admission is free. For more information, see www.linuxnorthwest.com.
Come join the fun!


Linux File Permission Confusion
By Brian Hatch

Summary: File permissions, the most basic form of security control
that exists on Unix-like systems, is still misunderstood by many.

Before I start, I really suggest anyone interested in Linux who is
near the US Pacific Northwest, check out and attend Linuxfest
Northwest this Saturday. We’ve got gurus, raffles, and swag galore,
and the whole event is free. I’ll be giving a Linux Security
presentation that promises to cover all Linux Security hooks in one
hour or less, so it’ll be a wild ride. See http://linuxnorthwest.com/
for more information.

Last week I gave a much-needed refresher on how file permissions
actually work, as opposed to how many people think they work. Just to
be complete, this week I’ll discuss how file permissions on
directories work, which operate slightly differently.

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Content Management System

October 2nd, 2006

On October, 2nd, 2006 the decision to take advantage of the advanced system of publications Was accepted. In view of unwillingness to heap up a heap of a code, the decision to take advantage of system of personal publications was accepted. Small complexities have arisen with installation, but we have coped with this system. Now the future design is actively discussed.


In web we found beautiful site about cars and tyres this beautiful design for it, and the studio has made for us a beautiful template for WordPress. For what we are very grateful to them. The template is available to free upload.